How NOT to use Twitter for Customer Service

A recent article published by Ishbel Macleod on The Drum demonstrates how NOT to deal with your customers on Twitter. Cineworld customer Alan Bishop sent a tweet asking for justification about the £8.30 ticket price for a simple 2d movie. The response to the customer from Cineworld was littered with belligerence which has astounded me.

Ok the customer asks an awkward question, but he never swears once and raises a genuine question asking Cineworld to justify their high ticket price. One thing is for sure, after this customer experience Cineworld have lost at least one customer.
Cinema ticket prices are extremely high and there may well be justification for the high price. Perhaps an answer should have been something along the lines of “we provide value for money” or “recent upgrades to seating and our interior have caused us to raise our prices”. Or as one respondent to the article points out, an unlimited viewing card is available for just £15 per month.

I believe that the customer in this case is not a “troll”, but the writer does raise a valid question about companies engaging with trolls. However what the article does highlight is the dangers of allowing your employees to control a firm’s social media channels. I’m all for employees implementing a firm’s social media strategy, but they should be trained and monitored to avoid bloopers such as this.

The full article can be seen at:


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