How to Create an Advert for Marketing

Creating an advert need not involved expensive creative agencies or take up much time if you attempt to put one together yourself. Small businesses have little to no advertising budget, so there’s no point in wasting your money if you follow the simple ADIA formula and D.I.Y.

AIDA = Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

When creating an advert on your Social Media site such as LinkedIn or Facebook or the multitude of sites available, you should be aiming to guide the reader to your main website. Some companies may not have their own website, and it’s common to sell solely on a Facebook Business Page where it’s easy to upload images onto your product list. Facebook recently introduced new guidelines for the images you include in a Facebook cover page, specifying that text should take up no more than 20% of the entire cover photo. Follow the AIDA formula and you can’t go wrong, so here’s an explanation of how it’s implemented:


Grab the reader’s attention using IMAGES, COLOURS, AMINATIONS or VIDEOS. Use BOLD HEADINGS or STATISTICS and don’t be afraid to be slightly controversial and bold in your approach. Think about whom your target market is and exactly what product/service you’re promoting. Grabbing the reader’s attention should take up the largest portion of the advert or creative area. Now you have their attention, it’s time to gain their interest.


The fewer words you use the better, summarise and think about using no more than 140 characters as you do in Twitter. Create mystery if possible, tease the reader and make the message relevant to your product/service and to your audience. As you attempt to interest the reader, be mindful that you’re at a stage of educating the reader so don’t get too technical, use jargon or feature-blast.


What problem has your product/service solved? Why is your solution unique and different from your competitors? Now you communicate the unique benefits, and again try to use no more than 140 characters in doing so. Create some urgency by promoting a special offer or discounts and ensure the offer has a time limit or is only available to the first 100 responses. You’ve grabbed the attention of the audience and educated them by making your product/service interesting and now you’ve created a desire by promoting something unique which the customer MUST HAVE.


If the reader has read this far then they’re definitely interested, so don’t let the sale slip away. Here you should display a link directly to your website, provide a phone number, text number or leave their email address to subscribe and declare their interest, time to get the customer to take ACTION and buy. Use the contact method which is suitable to your business and your target audience.

Play around with the AIDA formula a little and tweak your adverts according to the type of media channel you are using. Test a small volume initially to allow you to measure the level of response, if it’s not working change one feature at a time and you’ll soon devise a winning formula.


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