Is Content Really King?


Content is King

“Content is King” that’s the current buzz phrase in social media marketing which focuses on the relevance and impact of creating content which is engaging. It’s one of those sayings which are true in theory but in practice it can often be overused and used to hide ulterior motives. In a world of information overload people and companies blog, tweet and spew seemingly free information. Siphoning through the volume of information on the internet can indeed unveil some ground-breaking research, genuinely engaging content and suitable to people’s individual tastes and preferences. We can access information on any topic when we want and about what we want, but does the content we consume manipulate us to then become customers?

Free Content – At what cost?

Ask yourself why is it possible for me to watch this video or read this article completely free of charge? That’ll be because you’re always being sold to. Almost everyone providing you with a free blog or video or free e-book are leading you down a path of consumerism, somehow you’ll end up paying. Even me writing this blog, I’m attempting to raise awareness of my skills and my company which will ideally lead to a sale. There’s always a hook leading to a sale of some kind, you just have to look and you’ll find it. Businesses cannot survive without sales and by giving away the secrets to their trades, they want something in return.


Marketers and businesses can be clever in understanding human psychology as we all have buying trends and impulsive behaviours. Content is not always king as our predictability as human beings can be manipulated to the advantage of commerce. People respond to colours, images, sounds and visual effects used in much of the content we access which is designed to illicit buying impulses, not to provide free content. Videos, gimmicks, special offers and freebies are offered to raise our awareness of a particular brand who want a share of your wallet, not to provide free content. Perhaps after decades of people enduring advertising and marketing saturation, we become immune to the realisation that there’s always a hook leading to a sale.


If you truly believe that “Content is King” then you’re trying to sell something to someone. As a marketer I fully comprehend the meaning behind the phrase and believe customers do benefit from the ability to access truly rich and engaging content, but always at a cost. Content is king is now just marketing jargon which has lost its meaning and is over-used and abused for commercial gain. The only thing worthy of being attributed with the tile King is the customer.


10 thoughts on “Is Content Really King?

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read and re-distribute my blog. I too liked your blog on content is king and it seems we’ve both tired of the term being over-used. I look forward to reading more from you 🙂

      • Yes, indeed. And thank you. I’ve been exploring your blog and notice it covers many themes I’m interested in (particularly good to see you blogging about micro-business), so I look forward to following.

      • I studied micro-businesses for my Dissertation and was shocked at how little research and focus is being directed towards Micro-Businesses. They’re so important to our economy and communities, I believe the future of commerce is in their hands 🙂

  2. Hello there. I happen to be researching this topic for my capstone project. So far from what I read, Content is King. It’s goal is opposite from how you described it above. Content calls for the quality of customers and not the quantity. Unlike SEO, which focuses on driving as much traffic as possible to a business’s website and is not concerned about the relevance of that website to what the customer is really looking for. Content on the other hand calls for more honest search engine keywords so that the customers do land where they should and get the information they need and then make a purchase.

    • Thanks for your feedback Hajar, I seem to have created a bit of a storm with this blog. Perhaps I should have said something like no content is free. Content marketing is important and will be in the future but the sheer volume of content available is not all quality. A vast quantity of content can be confusing to the reader, but they all lead to selling something to someone and for me this diminishes the meaning of the saying “Content is King”. Content is just a sales tool to lead the customer to a sale. I think it’s just the overuse and abuse of the term which I dislike the most. Best of luck with your research 🙂

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