Join In on LinkedIn


You’ve set up a profile on LinkedIn, added all your jobs, skills and achievements – now what? Just sit there? Occasionally adding old colleagues and friends – Get more involved.

LinkedIn for me is the best B2B Social Media platform around. The obvious choice of using LinkedIn is for recruitment purposes, but it’s a thriving community of professionals and business owners and is so much more than an online CV.


There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn where you’ll find an A-Z of industries and interests. If you can’t find a group on a particular subject then you can create one and start your own community.

You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn, which for one person to navigate is more than enough. I’d recommend joining no more than 20-30 groups otherwise you’ll struggle to dedicate the time to be involved and contribute meaningfully to those groups.

Join a mix of groups where you can engage with your prospects, customers and industry peers. Leverage your skills and knowledge to utilise LinkedIn groups as a lead generator, but focus on connecting, engaging and building trust with each individual person – The art of Social Media is to be social.

Be an active member of your professional community by networking with industry peers from across the globe to gain an understanding of the different perspectives to help you learn and develop in your career.


Join in the conversation by answering questions from your fellow professionals thus demonstrating your experience, know-how and specialist skills. This will help you to gain credibility and position you and your company as experts in your respected field.

One of the most common reasons for failing to convert a prospect into a sale is the fact that the customer has unanswered questions. Ask customers questions and respond swiftly to any questions they ask on LinkedIn groups. If you can solve their problems then you’re half way to achieving a sale.

Ask questions as well as answering them. Ask your customers and peers what problems they encounter or ask for their opinions and experiences. Instigate a response in your community by encouraging people to comment and engage with each other – Be an Influencer.


You can distribute your company blog on LinkedIn groups but make sure the content is relevant to your audience; you don’t want people disengaging because all you do is self-promote.

Post articles from other sources and always aim to add value in some way to the group you’re contributing to. Share information which is relevant, fresh and thought-provoking and encourage other members to contribute to the conversation.


Ensure that you’re a responsible and actively engaged member of your selected groups and treat each group like a community. Groups shouldn’t be abused for promoting your products/services or for self-gratification. You’re simply one person who’s part of a wider community with shared interests.

Each individual group will have a set of rules and these should be adhered to and respected for the good of your community.

The 3 C’s

Remember that the 3 most important elements to consider with LinkedIn groups are:


What LinkedIn groups have you joined and why? 


6 thoughts on “Join In on LinkedIn

    • Absolutely Carol, there are many elements of social media that need to be defined. I like to define how people use social media to understand how to connect and engage with your audience 🙂

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