Why a Mentor is vital for New Start Ups


As a new business start-up you’ve clearly demonstrated that you have entrepreneurial spirit and have the desire to go it alone in the world of business. STOP!

You’re making a critical error if you think you can do everything by yourself – you need support. This doesn’t make you weak or inadequate – it makes you sensible and practical.

Sensible and practical, yawn. Yes it sounds boring but you need to build solid foundations of your business otherwise you’ll experience catastrophic problems further down the line.


New small business start-ups cite suffering from isolation as one of the main negatives of starting their own business. Late nights, long weekends and working alone will all start to take their toll if you don’t surround yourself with some form of support – both business and personal support.

You’re alone only if you choose to be so.


It’s empowering not to have a boss and to make all your business decisions autonomously – but are you making the right decisions? Don’t wait to learn from your own mistakes – it might be too late for your business.

Firstly admit to yourself that you need external support – a fresh set of eyes and way of thinking will highlight strengths and weaknesses you won’t be able to identify by yourself.

Scottish Institute for Enterprise and Business Gateway will offer you a mentor to guide you through the early stages of your business – but their support is fairly limited.


I’ve been lucky enough to have a business/personal mentor who has supported me from my transition from University into the scary and exciting world of running my own business.

Gordon Cairns has been a rock to me and my business in my early start-up stages who has prevented me from making many mistakes that I would otherwise have made blindly if I didn’t have his support to help guide me.

Most importantly Gordon is an excellent listener – a trait that all mentors should possess – but not all do. By simply listening to my ambitions and problems, Gordon has helped me to make difficult decisions – easily.

I owe much of my personal development to Gordon who provided me with practical advice which has benefited my business and me personally.

As part of the Employer mentoring scheme from Napier University, Gordon was only supposed to meet me 3 or 4 times – we’ve met at least double that and have maintained weekly email and phone communications. He’s put me in touch with lots of excellent contacts and even had his own family members phoning me with support to help give me an insight into the world of Marketing.

Gordon Cairns thank you for all your support, wisdom and guidance – it’s helped someone who really needed it at a critical time of their career. A murky future now seems a whole lot clearer 🙂


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