Why Should I Learn Social Media When I Can Do It?

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Social Media is easy right? You just set up an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other Social Media platforms start posting and you’re away – wrong!

You can’t simply read a few articles about being a Lawyer, Accountant or Business Professional and simply become an expert, so why is Social Media any different? So many people think that gaining certificates or learning Social Media courses isn’t necessary – well that’s a slap in the face for the Social Media industry and the professionals within. In fact it’s an insult to the entire concept of education.

Let’s explore why learning Social Media helps to compliment on the job experience.

Decision Making

Whether you’re a Marketing Professional or Business Owner you must avoid making mistakes at all costs. Whilst it’s true that people learn by making mistakes it should be noted that making mistakes on Social Media negatively impacts your customers and business. Why would you risk gambling with your clients business by refusing to learn about Social Media? – that’s just arrogant and dangerous.

Mistakes can be prevented and decision making improved if people take the time to learn about Social Media from accrediting bodies and companies.  Trial and error isn’t an effective or advisable method of decision making.

Timeless Fundamentals of Social Media

Social Media isn’t a stand-alone discipline, it incorporates SEO, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales, HR, Customer Service, Advertising, Marketing Integration and so much more.  To understand the multi-functional use of Social Media one must firstly learn the basic fundamentals.

The most common complaint about learning Social Media is that the design of courses can’t keep up with the rapidly changing pace of Social Media. Yes platforms change, new ones appear and older ones evolve but there remains a set of fundamentals which can stand the test of time.

Social Media is a place to connect and engage with human beings, building relationships and being social is the key to success on Social Media.  Once you’ve formed relationships with your target audience the concept of sharing relevant, useful and informative information will always be an area of importance regardless of how fast Social Media changes.

Analysing your Social Media activity and customer responses require the use of on-site or 3rd party tools making the concept of testing and measuring timeless. New tools and apps are constantly being created, you don’t need to know them all – simply how they should be used and the benefits they reap.

The fact that Social Media changes so frequently, this should encourage educators to provide fresh material and certainly cannot be accused on being static or out of date.


I spent the 1st 30 years of my life with a somewhat anti-academic approach to work and my career until I realised that I couldn’t gain the experience I needed so much as I lacked the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. It’s a classic example of the chicken and egg, how can you gain experience unless my skills are in demand?

Of course you need experience to prove you can apply what you’ve learned, but you need to learn 1st.

Do you think Social Media certificates and courses are a waste of time?


6 thoughts on “Why Should I Learn Social Media When I Can Do It?

  1. Have to agree with your points. Study of social media on your own leads to mistakes that can negatively impact your client. Why not go where you can get all info and training you need to do the job right!

    • Gambling with your clients is the biggest red flag. Due to Social Media being an immature industry the credibility of certifications and professionals is questioned. Thanks for taking the time to respond to the blog Harold 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words Mary. I think you’re right about certifications being evidence based and updated regularly. I recently graduated from Uni and Social Media wasn’t taught in any great detail due to the fast pace of new platforms & tools. I’d like to see more certifications for Social Media from Uni’s and other bodies to give the industry a little more credibility 🙂

  2. well what ever happened to delegation?

    why is everything that is written in a way that implies that an individual needs to learn everything when it is quite obvious that the business world in general is not doing very well – and perhaps for the exact reason that people are trying to do much more than their area of competency will allow them to do well at –

    has everyone forgotten that there was no social media before the Internet and computers – and now there is so much waste of time money and thought power – take for example the continuous amount of viruses – on computers – e-mails – the necessity for reseting passwords and the major hacking of credit card data – identity theft and whatever other type of fraud that continues to distract individuals from focusing on working –

    perhaps this is the way that many people like to live – with excitement and drama and all the rest of the dare I say malarky that we are living with in the name of progress?

    and who exactly is benefitting from this progress – I do not see that either the client or the business benefits from all of the extra learning and comparing and whatever to – either save a few pennies here of thereby price shopping for many things that don’t lend themselves to getting a better results by the price shopping or by distracting every person on the planet from simply working and doing their jobs instead of all of a sudden needing to write blogs – work on a website – make comments about everything supposedly pertinent to their field in discussions with a lot of people who are so opinionated that the discussion so many times eventually turn in to battles of the egos and all for what – to proclaim that one person or the other is an expert and now each on has to prove that that is what they are when they actually are probably not that –

    even the comments above show a questioning of this expert over that expert she you are talking about the right social media certificate – over another one –

    and where in the world does this concept of negatively impacting a client come from – if a person comes to me for what I can do and what they need – there you have good business fit –

    but if I can’t write blogs and post on this or that social media site and keep up with someone else – well then they should go to someone who can make themselves more attractive? more knowledgeable or more capable – even though they may not be ? how superficial this is all becoming – and then who knows how all of this knowledge that one is spending time learning is going to be altered in a few weeks or months or whatever not because the social media sites have changed their rules or need to earn money now that they have become publicly traded companies and have to show an income to the shareholders in order not to lose them or fall behind in their duty to grow shareholder value but because some new kid on the block has come up with a totally new tool that now he or she is claiming does what others have been doing even better that how they were doing it before – whether this is true of not is irrelevant and unless you spend your money working with this or that tools and them maybe perhaps find out if this new tool in fact does do better – well watch you back because sure enough the next new tool is coming soon or is already here –

    and lest not forget that this article in this blog is endorsing – touting – encouraging education and well there is always the fact that no knowledge whatsoever supersedes or replaces of does anything for anyone more than experience – and failing – learning from those failings and then making your new found knowledge work for you – unless of course a person wishes to be a life time or life long or professional student –

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to offer such a detailed reply. I agree with your overall point that when businesses are performing poorly they need to assume more roles within. What I genuinely believe is that everyone should be “lifelong students” by embarking on a lifelong journey of learning.

      If a small business learns Social Media then that business benefits and most importantly their customers benefit. All too often Social Media is congested with 1 way communications where businesses shout their message rather than listening and connecting with real people – Social Media is a game changer where smaller businesses have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over larger competitors by taking the time to engage with individuals.

      The point I was attempting to raise was to give value to Social Media certificates and in particular education and learning. Due to Social Media being a fairly new industry, then the professionals within have very little credibility – so I wanted to bring credibility to the field. I was recently in a discussion where business professionals questioned the value of Social Media certificates, so this blog was in response to those doubters.

      King’s Content is merely a blog aimed to benefit small businesses – I must point out that my blog has no “call to action” prompting people to buy my services, I offer all my time, Tips and Advice for free in the hope that smaller businesses may benefit or to generate a discussion on the topic.

      The blog also specified the importance of learning fundamentals of Social Media which are timeless, and to be refreshed with the most recent tools and applications – so the fundamentals of Social Media aren’t irrelevant.

      I do agree with you about learning from people who profess to be “experts or gurus” – there’s too many poor quality jokers. However – as this blog points out, if there were recognised bodies offering Social Media courses then those “jokers” would no longer be able to operate so freely.

      Learning is for life 🙂

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